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  • 110KV oil-immersed transformer overhaul and overhaul, what exactly is \"repairing\"?
    Transformer is an extremely important electrical equipment in the power transmission and distribution system, but due to various reasons, it sometimes fails during operation. According to the nature of the maintenance work, transformer maintenance is divided into overhaul and minor repair. It is customary that oil-immersed transformers that require oil-releasing hanging cores (or hanging bell covers) for maintenance are called overhauls; if they do not need oil-releasing, they do not hang the cores (hanging bell covers) and only perform external maintenance or refueling Performing oil treatment is called minor repair. First, the conventional transformer maintenance process 1. Clean the bushing and check the porcelain sleeve for signs of discharge and damage; 2. Check whether the fastening bolts on the top of the bushing are loose. Whether it is overheating; 3. Clean the transformer oil tank and the oil storage tank, safety air channels and pressure regulating devices and other accessories; 4. Check the dust and other debris deposited in the valve cover of the pressure relief valve; 5. Check whether the oil level of the oil storage tank is normal. Whether the oil level gauge is intact and clean, and drain the oil in the sewage collection tank; 6. Check the respirator and replace the desiccant that has failed to change color; 7.
  • Marketing Center Summer Outreach and BBQ Activities in Summer 2019
    On July 6th, all marketing elites of Ryan Electric Marketing Center participated in the outdoor expansion and barbecue activities with the theme of \"releasing passion, surpassing ourselves, melting the team, and creating brilliant\". The smooth development of this activity fully demonstrated The company's marketing team has an iron will and a spirit of unity and mutual help. In the hot summer, they are not afraid of the heat, they are full of blood, and they are happy! Highlights of the event Outdoor barbecue, colorful fruits, colorful pastries, beautiful wines and melodious singing! Perfect ending!
  • Warm congratulations to the successful holding of the 2019 Mid-year Marketing Working Conference
    Summer is hot in July. On July 6, 2019, the 2019 mid-year marketing work conference of the company's marketing center was successfully held in the conference hall of Hai'an Yingtuo Ecological Park. The theme of this conference is \"\" Ryan Change, Win Together \", mainly from the following aspects: 1. General Manager Zhang Ming of the marketing center on the first half of the order amount, repayment amount, arrears, personal and regional Orders and other data were summarized and reported, and the overall work of the marketing center in the second half of the year was arranged. 2. Excellent regional representatives shared their successful marketing experience and had a deep exchange with all marketing elites. 3. General Manager Zhang Ming of the Marketing Center interpreted the market management regulations. The promulgation of the management regulations helped the work of all the elites in the marketing center and laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the company's subsequent marketing work. 4. Wang Xiaofeng, the vice chairman of the company, made a concluding statement, stating that
  • Warmly celebrate the successful conclusion of Ryan Electric's 2018 annual marketing summary and commendation of the 2019 marketing launch meeting!
    On February 16, 2019, Jiangsu Ruien Electric Co., Ltd.'s 2018 annual marketing summary commendation and the 2019 marketing launch meeting were grandly held in Haifu Wangfu Bangrui International Hotel. The company's management and sales elites from all regions of the country participated in this There were more than 80 people at the meeting. The past year has been an extraordinary year for the company. Under the leadership of the company, all employees are united and actively carry out this year's work. Through continuous innovation and reform, strengthening quality control and increasing production capacity, the company has exceeded its tasks and achieved new high efficiency. . The meeting was conducted from the following seven aspects: 1. The vice president of marketing summarized and reported the completion of the various indicators of the company's marketing department in 2018: 2. Combined with various data such as comprehensive orders and repayment, the outstanding marketing elite Presentation of \"First Prize\", \"Second Prize\", \"Third Prize\", \"Encouragement Prize\": Third, Marketing
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